KnoWhatsBest (KWB) is a new-age Talent Identification and Career Guidance platform that brings unique opportunities for exponential growth to both the budding careerists as well as the seasoned ones. Enabling on-ground and virtual networking opportunities with reputed professionals, artists and seasoned entrepreneurs it allows the learners to get real-time perspectives about their existing lines of studies and how they can enhance their skillsets through introspective and consultative methodologies.

A proactive, expansive and a patented initiative, KWB aims at supporting the young and aspiring minds to identify their talents to begin with, and then helps them to map their talents with the latest professions available. Developed in the “agile mode” the platform has been designed to instinctively learn from its experiences with its users, and endeavours to offer the latest guidance in the most easily understandable steps for maximising their growth potentials.

KWB has been initiated with the primary aim of ENHANCING THE EMPLOYABILITY OF THE INDIAN WORKFORCE.

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Understand the new requirements of the latest professions trending in post-Covid India. Learn from innovative minds who are engaged in bringing about the change. Explore!

Post-Covid Skill Development & Employability in India
Train your kids to be Job Ready

The existing education system in India trains the mind of a child to cram and memorise. This stops the learner from becoming job ready in the future. Our education system over-emphasises theoretical exams.

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Get hands-on understanding of the world around you from professionals who are at the helm of affairs. Interact with CEOs, HODs, entrepreneurs, specialists, psychologists and counsellors for that perfect understanding you always wanted. 

Believing in others is easy. But believing in yourself that’s the real challenge.


Why KnoWhatsBest (KWB)?

As per recent studies, in 2014, India was one of the top two countries in the world that faced greatest skill shortages at the workplace. Exceeded only by Japan with 81% skill shortage.

For India, being at 64% meant that for every 100 people employed 64 would be unable to perform their duties satisfactorily. An issue that gets even more complicated with the on-going boom in the number of higher education institutions in the country, as a result of which only the number of educated unemployed is increasing. Making it absolutely imperative to create alternative arrangements that would help young learners like you to start harnessing your skills early on, as per the right guidance.

Skill Shortage in India - Statista
National Employability Report - 2014

People Say

  • I simply loved KnoWhatsBest and I recommend it to all my friends. The questionnaire was a breeze and today I finally know what I should really do in life. Luv u KnoWhatsBest.​

    I just loved KnoWhatsBest

    Rakesh Prajapati

    Student, New Delhi, India
  • I was initially cautious about this platform which was new to me. But soon after I found out about it and realised that their intentions were for the best of my child’s future. My son has gone through the assessment and today we know what exactly he should do in life to progress. Thank you KnoWhatsBest for opening our eyes.

    Parant Testimonial KnoWhatsBest

    Rajendra Singh Chandela

    Parent, New Delhi, India