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Professional life usually starts when a person reaches 23/ 24 years of age, although the planning for the same starts when a child reaches the 9th standard.

India, being a developing economy, is still following the familial system socialistically, bringing with it its own drawbacks for its children. Over-protective parents, over-bearing teachers and domineering mates and neighbours all try to impose their ideas and ambitions onto the hapless child who has no clues about his innate abilities.

KWB is a consultative and an interactive networking platform that supports young learners like you to find out what your innate talents are, and then guides you to find out what you should do in life professionally to be the most successful.

Our Forthcoming Meets

Develop your skills the way it should be

Understand the new requirements of the latest professions trending in post-Covid India. Learn from innovative minds who are engaged in bringing about the change. Explore!

Post-Covid Skill Development & Employability in India
Perform from day one

The existing education system in India trains the mind of a child to cram and memorise. This spoils the chances of making the child job ready.

Planned Meets

Lecture at hall

Visiting faculty, head of corporate communications at INFOSYS, will discuss the latest from the industry. (Temporarily suspended due to the Coronavirus Pandemic)

Career in Corporate Communications, Lecture

Briefing by experts on the latest career opportunities and courses of studies in Animatrix, how it's re-shaping industries.
(Temporarily suspended due to the Coronavirus Pandemic)

Why you should register

You should register because only when you have superlative knowledge about the future work options that align with your natural talents can you start preparing for them effectively.

What You Get

You get real-life perspectives on the things that would matter to you the most going forward in your professional life.