Most frequently asked questions and their answers.

The Talent Assessment inventory is a unique and patented collection of 56 statements that may either hold true for you or false for you. You simply have to indicate the same by selecting either “Yes” or “No” respectively for each statement. There are no right or wrong answers. The more truthful you will be in submitting your responses, the more accurate will be the assessment of your hidden talents.

Your composite response will be studied by our empanelled psychologists and the assessment will be posted on your profile page created on our website.

People work best when their careers or professions align with their innate talents. For example, you might be good with numbers but not that good to become a scientist. Or interested in the fine arts, but not enough to become a painter. Also, many a times, people are born with multiple talents that keep pulling them in different directions throughout their life. Leading to lots of consternations. The assessment of your talents will support you in picking the right kind of work profiles that would get you the best dividends, in the most effortless manners possible.

Even without filling up the inventory you can avail the other benefits of the platform but if you want to make informed decisions about your career, and your life, then filling up the inventory to know more about your in-born talents is a must.  

According to our observations, 20 to 30 mnts.

Since there is nothing called a free lunch in this world, so we have tried to maintain objectivity and sincerity in the platform as well. Highly acclaimed psychologists and counsellors will be individually looking into your profile, behavioural patterns and interests and scrutinise them to direct you towards the right path that you should take in your life and profession. So there is a small fee attached which you would have to pay before attempting the assessment inventory.

Yes. Since you will be creating your individual login page in the website so you can always come back to it later on and start from wherever you had left.

There is a small fee attached to each career meet. Since HODs, experienced managers, artists, researchers and entrepreneurs would be sharing their life experiences and professional learnings over interactive sessions, so it would command a price. The takeaways from each such career meet would not just be the huge life lessons learnt for a successful career that aligns with your talents, but also a token gift from our side in the form of a swag t-shirt as a sweet remembrance.

While the Talent Assessment is available to one and all solely for the purposes of identify one’s hidden talents to align them with the most opportune work options going forward, the One2One Guidance is a direct personal engagement with the psychologist.

Any student feeling distressed due to issues which are more serious in nature can take the help of our on-board psychologists.

All data collected will become the responsibility of KWB and will be maintained within our system with utmost security and secrecy. We will be under oath to use it only to disseminate timely informations for the purposes as mentioned in our website with your express permission.

We will not disclose your data to any third party, body or entity outside KWB.