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KnoWhatsBest is a platform that is accessible beyond institutional setups. However, when we tied up with a few schools and colleges, this is what they had to say.

  • KnoWhatsBest is an eye-opening platform that has really inspired our students. Educational institutions can leverage on the know-how and network of KWB to give their learners the best of modern training and educative technologies.

    Testimonial for KnoWhatsBest from Aster Public School, Delhi-NCR

    Vaibhav Mishra

    Education Co-ordinator, Aster Institutions, Delhi-NCR, India
students/ careerists

KnoWhatsBest is a platform that can be accessed by one and all, irrespective of whether studying or not, whether enrolled in any educational institution or not. Students who have used our platform have the following opinions about us.

  • I simply loved KnoWhatsBest and I recommend it to all my friends. The questionnaire was a breeze and today I finally know what I should really do in life. Luv u KnoWhatsBest.​

    I just loved KnoWhatsBest

    Rakesh Prajapati

    Student, New Delhi, India
  • KnoWhatsBest gave me huge insights about my potentials that I was completely unaware of. I am now a much more confident person and I know exactly what I have to do in future. Thanks KnoWhatsBest.

    Review on KnoWhatsBest

    Ravi Prakash Sarna

    Student, Gurgaon, Delhi-NCR, India
  • I took the assessment a few months back. Immediately I got connected with my inner, more confident self. Today, I am progressing towards a career that I previously thought was unachievable due to all the wrong reasons. Thank you KnoWhatsBest.

    Review for KnoWhatsBest

    Renu Kathait

    Student, Palwal, Haryana, India
  • It has been a great experience in learning about myself with Team KnoWhatsBest. I came to know about my hidden talents and am now fully geared up to use my talents to their full potential.

    Review for KnoWhatsBest

    Ram Chandna

    Student, Noida, Delhi-NCR, India

Since minors, i.e. those below 18 years of age, cannot be put under the scrutiny of a psychologist without the express approval of their parents, so we encourage all parents to kindly visit our site before making any opinions about us. We endeavour to give the right directions to our youth so that they can achieve maximum heights while taking the nation ahead with them.

  • I am very much satisfied with KnoWhatsBest. It has given new directions for my child’s future. Today, we know what exactly his in-born talents are and in which direction he should be encouraged to go in career and in life.

    Parant Testimonial KnoWhatsBest

    Rajendra Singh Chandela

    Parent, New Delhi, India