Refund & Cancellation Policy

Our focus is on complete customer satisfaction. Acclaimed experts have been employed for supporting the educative and career training endeavours of the users of our services and we are confident that we bring the best-of-the-best from the industry to the table. However, in spite of our sincerest efforts, sometimes the website users might have a different opinion, which could be totally outside our purview, care and concern. In such cases, especially in our industry, it becomes difficult to reasonably assess the quality of the services provided. Hence, looking into the abstract nature of our deliverables, and in spite of our sincerest intentions, it becomes mandatory for us to declare that the money once paid by the assessees and users cannot be refunded once the efforts of our acclaimed psychologists have been expended and utilised on your case. The users of the website are, therefore, cautioned to understand the modalities of our deliverables, and requested to enter into this service contract only after they have suitably understood our service terms, conditions and peculiarities.

That being said, and in spite of the above service modalities, we still offer the following conditions for the cancellation and refund of your money:

 Cancellation Policy

For cancellations, please contact us via the contact us link within 2 business days.

Requests received later than 2 business days will be considered null and void.

Refund Policy

Once the services of our acclaimed psychologists are expended on your case no refunds will be entertained.