Why Know What's Best (KWB)?

India & the world

As per recent studies, in 2014, (the first graph) India was one of the top two countries in the world that faced greatest skill shortages at the workplace.

The on-going boom in the number of higher education institutions in India is not helping the scenario either as they are not listening to what the students really want to do in life and career. As a result, only the number of educated unemployed is increasing in the country.

The second graph, the National Employability Report 2014, shows skewed statistics in favour of menial hardware and software support jobs, while many fresh engineers are either moving away from their original line of study or opting for totally unrelated or distantly related work profiles. A trend equally visible in other courses of study as well.

Skill Shortage in India - Statista
National Employability Report - 2014

What is the existing scenario?

According to recent surveys conducted by various Indian and foreign research organisations contrasting opinions have emerged as to the skill deficiencies in the Indian workplaces. To cite an example, although Indian engineers were amongst the most sought after throughout the world, a staggering 90% of the fresh graduates in 2019 lacked even the basic coding skills. Similar skill deficiencies were observed amongst the non-technical graduates as well (third graph).

The current circumstances, therefore, make it absolutely imperative that we take corrective measures regarding our prevalent education system. Enhancing the employability of the young learners must be immediately taken up with utmost urgency.

AICTE Employability Report 2019
AICTE Report on Hiring Intent in India 2019
Employability of Indian IT Graduates